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TimexWays Express a Courier, Logistics and a Frieght Fowarding Company. We are into Express Delivery, Clearing, Haulage, Air Freight, Sea Freight and warehousing.

Timexways Express helps to take out all the complications associated with Air, Sea, Haulage and Logistics away from you. We also provide endless options Shipping, Warehousing and Export.

Thus because of our flexibility and reliabilty, we provide delivery certain, Door to Door, Airport to Door, Airport to ffices services with competitive traffic. The unmatched TIMEX advantages lies in the fact that we are driven by a culture of operational excellence and constant improvement by adding value to our clients. So we shall always work to meet your budget.

Products & Services Offered

TimexWays Express Delivery Solutions
TimexWays Express Customer Acquisition Fulfillment
TimexWays Express E commerce Fulfillment
TimexWays Express Payment Collection Solutions
TimexWays Express International Solutions
TimexWays Express strives to bridge the gap between customer expectations and service provider capabilities. The company constantly adapts to the ever changing requirements of the market thus enabling its customers to stay ahead of competition.
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