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Delivery Solutions
Customer enterprises have to deliver Products & Services to their end customers, directly or through their vendors, in a timely and effective manner. This is a critical area of concern for large customer based organisations like Banking, Financial Services & Insurance companies. Last mile connectivity and fulfillment has to be managed professionally with the best service and quality standards. At Timexways Express we deliver
Credit Cards
Welcome Kits
Dividend Warrants
Annual Reports
Insurance Policy documents
Customer Acquisition Fulfillment
In Customer Acquisition Fulfillment, we provide “End to End” Solutions to Enterprise Customers who outsource a “complete process” to a service provider as against the prevailing concept of outsourcing specific “tasks” in the process to different vendors and retaining the responsibility of appointing, controlling and coordinating the multiple vendors.

In its simplest form, End to End Solutions consist of:

Managing the entire life cycle from identifying the customer to acquiring the customer
In Acquisition we provide the following services:
Form Fulfillment
KYC fulfillment
Data Base Curing
Customer Acquisition for Credit Cards / Debit Cards
E Commerce Fulfillment

E Commerce is one of the fastest growing areas in retailing. From Airline and Railway tickets to consumer goods, more and more people are using this option to buy. One of the advantages of this mode of purchase is that the prices are generally cheaper than in a conventional retail outlet. The E Retailer passes on the benefit of a no-cost virtual store to the customer while assuring him of all the warranties and allaying any quality concerns that he may have.

A customer ordering something online needs to make the payment in advance for his order to be processed. Alternatively, the value of the goods has to be collected from the customer upon delivery. There are three challenges that E Commerce Enterprise customers face:
Advance payments to be collected from customers across the country and handed over to the Company.
Delivery of the goods / services ordered.
Collection of the value of the goods after delivery, if that is the mode of payment option offered.
Payment Collection Solutions

Upon receipt of statements for the transactions made, the customer has to make payments to the Company. These payments can either be direct by cheque / cash. Most enterprise customers in the Nigeria have the facility of drop boxes where the customer can drop his cheque payments. These drop boxes are managed by outsourced vendors who collect these payments, update the records and handover the instruments to the Company or deposit them into the Company’s designated bank account.

If the customer defaults on making the payment by the due date, the Company, through an outsourced tele-calling agency, contacts him and reminds him to make the payment either directly, or via a personalized collection or by dropping off the cheque in the nearest drop box. Such services require expertise and need to be managed by professional agencies.…

Timexways Express fills this requirement by offering end-to-end payment collection solutions through effective tele-calling and personalized payment collections; it caters to and fulfills critical areas of cycles & bucket management for Banks, Telecom and Insurance companies and ensures timely collection with the support of trained personnel.

TimexWays Express International Solutions

Timexways Express’s International division was set up in 2011. The international division caters to the needs of varied segments of the industry and has major banks, exporters, media giants and corporates as its client.

The uniqueness of Timeways Express comes in its ability to develop highly specialized solutions to the customer’s complex problems in a cost effective way. …

One of the major success stories of Timexways Express International came in the same year of its inception. A major media house, who had been struggling to reach their time sensitive shipments to London, was approached by Timexways Express with customized & cost effective solution. It created a specialized lane specific product which seamlessly and reliably delivered the shipments within 3 hours of flight arrival to client’s office in London.

We are a licensed operator in Nigeria having requisite permission from the Government


1) Haulage, Clearing, Warehousing, Delivery of express Cargo and Freight Fowarding by Air, Sea and rail and surface mode throughout Worldwide.

2) We connect international shipments through various international vendors/service providers.

3) We currently do express delivery arriving from countries around the world.

What we can offer

1. Logistics services (e.g. Transportation & Warehousing, Supply Chain Management with inventory control)

2. Door to Door, Airport to Door ,Seaport to Door, deliveries of express shipments and parcels by air / rail /sea/ surface as per your requirement.

3. Mass mailing of light envelops /periodicals/magazines/gift articles or other shipments. Delivered with Proof Of Delivery (POD).

We can offer competitive rates with service standards which are best in the industry.

As part of our worldwide expansion plan, we are soliciting enquiries from Reliable Business Associate / Affiliate for strategic alliance from the same industry in other countries.

Contact details

MR. ONI (Business Development Manager)
- oni@timexwaysexpress.com

Email: - info@timexwaysexpress.com


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